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GONE TO THE DOGS - Dixon's Ark Ranch is in the news!!

Times News:

From the article:
"Three-year-old Adelynn Dixon, smiling, led the way to the kennels several yards from the house.

“Do you want to see my dogs?” she asked.

“Yes, we do,” we replied, and her smile widened.

Adelynn knew the way well, because she plays with the dogs every day at her parents’ home in Jerome.

There are benefits to that, said Scott Dixon. Interacting with the dogs is a good way to teach her respect for animals. It’s also a vital component in the dog-breeding process — the puppies get better socialized.

Scott and his wife, Margo, raise Labradoodles — a mixed breed comprising genes from a golden Labrador and a standard poodle. Though breeding started as source for extra income, it has turned into a lifestyle the Dixons came to enjoy.

What compensates for the time commitment and costs of the breeders’ lifestyle? The wagging tails of the puppies, the adults’ companionship, the smiles that come easily to Adelynn’s face.

“This breed is such a good dog,” Scott said. “They are a great service, hunting and companion dog.”